Empowering women to unearth their vitality and become the confident woman they want to be.

Hi, I'm Dr. Jenna.

I believe as women and mothers we have the potential to change the world, especially when we connect with the parts of us that are most vibrant, courageous, and joyful.

My mission is to empower women to unearth their vitality, elevate their fertility, and live in their bodies with confidence. From conception to pregnancy to the months and years that follow, I help women live a fulfilling life while raising the humans they want to see in this world.

I feel so lucky to be doing what I love. I work with women and fertility because it's rewarding - the female body is amazing! I look forward to guiding you through all the beautiful and difficult parts of your health journey.


Dr. Jenna

Girl, I got you!

We've all been there.

You're doing your very best at balancing work and life, while also doing all the self care pieces. You feel like you're doing everything right - eating well, exercising, taking all your vitamins regularly, meditating, and getting to bed at a decent time. But still, you're struggling to achieve your ultimate health goal, whether it's to have normal periods, get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy, get yourself "back" post baby, lose the baby weight, have energy like you did 10 years ago, or just feel like yourself again.

Most days you feel like you're taking care of everyone else and don't have the capacity to do anything for YOU. Maybe you're not getting enough support from those around you. Maybe you're getting too much of the wrong type of support. In any case, you're working too hard to "feel good," and you feel stuck.

And on top of it all, you're overwhelmed with all the information out there on fertility, hormones, natural sleep aid, you name it.

Girl, I got you! I've been there, too. And I'm here to help. I guide women from a place of feeling stuck, frustrated, and confused about their body to feeling confident, empowered, and fulfilled.

Are you ready to dig deeper into your health challenges and unearth your vitality? Let's chat!


Whether you want to get more information through a discovery call or you're ready to book your first appointment, let's get started!

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