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Free Talk: The Gut-Brain Connection

Free Community Talk with Dr. Jenna

Refreshments and free samples provided

Wednesday, October 4, 7PM

Masa Integrative Clinic

  • Did you know that our human cells are outnumbered by bacteria in our gut?

  • Ever wonder about the physiology behind why we get “hangry?”

  • Want to learn how to prevent “butterflies” before a big meeting?

  • Did you know that serotonin, our natural anti-depressant hormone, is made primarily in the gut?

Feeling bloated could be contributing to poor sleep and mood, low libido, and high stress levels. Research shows that anxiety, obesity, reflux, and autism are all correlated with poor digestive function.

Come learn how your health may be affected by the mysterious relationship between your gut and brain!

RSVP's are appreciated. To RSVP or for questions about the talk, email

Masa Integrative Clinic

8012 15th Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98117

(parking is available on 80th and Mary Ave NW)

Sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics