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Ginger is one of my favorites! It’s so great for our health and can be added to many dishes - both sweet and savory. I love adding fresh, grated ginger to curry, soup and stir fry. It's always delicious in baked goods for some added flavor and kick. And if you're feeling super adventurous, you could make your own ginger ale to create a spicy beverage with sparkling water or your favorite spirit. Ginger is great for digestion as it warms up the belly and gets your digestive juices flowing. Add a few slices of fresh ginger to your morning smoothie to start the day with a zing. Ginger is an antimicrobial and my go-to for nausea or an upset tummy. A cup of ginger root tea can do wonders for your belly! Finally, ginger increases blood flow throughout the body, which can improve brain function and protect the heart.