Injections & IV Therapy

Dr. Jenna has advanced training and many clinical hours in injections and IV therapy. She utilizes these therapies for a wide range of conditions and to optimize overall health. Every injection and IV therapy treatment is customized to meet the needs of each individual. Learn more about what injections and IVs Dr. Jenna offers.

If you are curious if injections or IV therapy are right for you, please schedule an appointment or a free consultation with Dr. Jenna today.

What are Injections & IV Therapy?

Intramuscular (IM) injections and intravenous (IV) therapy deliver vitamins and nutrients to the body while bypassing the digestive tract. This results in optimal absorption for immediate utilization in the body's cells. IM injections and IVs are essential for people with malabsorption issues and for those who cannot tolerate oral supplementation. In addition, IM injections and IVs can deliver higher doses of vitamins and nutrients than possible through oral supplementation, and they deliver them directly to the cells that need it most. As a result, these therapies can help people achieve their treatment goals faster and more efficiently. Injections and IVs are safe when prescribed and administered by a knowledgeable and experienced doctor.

Who can benefit from Injections & IV therapy?

​Most everyone can benefit from injections and IV therapy, and especially:

  • athletes

  • people with extreme fatigue

  • people under high levels of stress

  • people with digestive issues or malabsorption

  • women with a history of birth control use

  • people who need to detoxify

  • vegans

  • the elderly

What conditions do injections and IV therapy treat?

Injections and IV therapies are used for treating a wide range of conditions, including:

  • enhancing detoxification

  • fatigue

  • brain fog

  • immune support

  • digestive issues and malabsorption

  • fertility enhancement

  • PMS (mood fluctuations and menstrual cramps)

  • neuralgias and paresthesias (numbness and tingling)

  • muscle cramps and fatigue

  • skin conditions and improving overall skin quality

  • insomnia

  • acute illness

  • weight gain or loss

  • recovery from a high intensity or high endurance athletic event